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  • GA-XVIG25
Gardner GARDNER VIGILANTE 25lb (11.3kg) * Coated with Gardner's unique anti-friction compound,... mehr
Produktinformationen "GARDNER VIGILANTE 25lb (11.3kg)"
Gardner GARDNER VIGILANTE 25lb (11.3kg) * Coated with Gardner's unique anti-friction compound, which massively reduces abrasion by helping the braid slide over underwater obstacles making Vigilante the ultimate snag leader for fishing for the hard battling monster specimens on the challenging European big fish lakes and rivers. * The low diameter of Vigilante makes it a great carp fishing hooklink for extreme situations when normal braided hooklinks cannot cope because they are regularly coming into contact with sharp obstacles such as jagged rocks, mussel beds or sharp flint strewn gravel bars. * Vigilante can also be used to tie up superb hooklinks for the dedicated catfish angler, as the braid easily withstands contact with abrasive pads of small teeth that line the catfish’s cavernous mouth. * The Low Viz Brown colour blends in with almost any aquatic environment, an essential attribute for both leaders and hooklinks, whatever species you are targeting. * 100% Dyneema - incredible abrasion resistance per diameter * anti-friction coating * Available on 20m Spools in 25lb, 35lb and 45lb * Colour: Low Viz Brown * The new generation range of braided hooklinks have been designed and tested to guarantee the finest standards; improving on other equivalent materials already on the market. With our improved Interweaving technology we have been able to balance and optimise the key attributes - diameter, strength, softness and colour - like never before, to create truly deadly hooklinks, proven in the art of deceiving wary fish.
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