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Gardner GARDNER PHAZOR TORCH * The easily located rubber on/off switch controls the... mehr
Produktinformationen "GARDNER PHAZOR TORCH"
Gardner GARDNER PHAZOR TORCH * The easily located rubber on/off switch controls the mode/function: The first click of the button turns the torch on to the brightest white light beam that is perfect for casting, wrapping up and all other situations when you need a powerful light source. * Click the on/off button a second time and the beam will drop down in intensity; this mode is perfect for general night time use – i.e. walking to your chosen swim or dealing with fish on the bank. * Clicking the on/off button a third time swaps the light output to a wide beam, created by twin red LEDs. This final mode offers excellent lighting without affecting your night vision. * The Phazor Torch only weighs 28 grams (1 ounce). * This torch is water resistant, which means it can be relied upon whatever the weather. * General specifications of the Phazor Torch are: LED’s: 1W White LED and 2pc SMD Red LEDs. * Lumen: 50 Lumens (white light). * Battery type: AA (not supplied). * The Phazor Torch switch (button) functions can malfunction due to low battery. If you cannot switch beam type or turn off please replace the AA battery with a new/fully charged one. * Functions: High Light – Low Light – Red Light – Off. * Water resistance: IPX5. * Headband Material: Polyester. * Headband Size: 65-70cm max (adjustable).
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