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ATT GARDNER ATTs UNDERLIT WHEEL BLUE * The biggest advantage of the roller under-lit format is... mehr
ATT GARDNER ATTs UNDERLIT WHEEL BLUE * The biggest advantage of the roller under-lit format is that it offers better peripheral visibility where ever the angler may be in relation to the rod set up. * The ATTsiw is supplied with a 2 magnet clear roller wheel that can be easily swapped over by the angler to a colour matched wheel. This combination really enhances the colour of the light emitted and colour of the illuminated wheel work together to give the best possible colour. * The new Underlit ATTs heads retain the same core features, functions, size and bullet proof reliability of the original ATTs silent head. These include: * Soft touch non-reflective rubberised finish. * Built-In transmission that is compatible with the V2 ATTx Receiver and Deluxe Receiver (the alarms must be programmed into a compatible receiver, which provides all the audible and vibratory indication). * * No buttons or knobs for increased reliability. Instead the ATTs heads use a “Intelligent” Protective Hard Case as Standard that acts as the ON/OFF switch for your ATTs, disabling the battery when fitted. Removing the hard case to turn the ATTsi ON. * All ATTs heads are 100% Watertight! The absence of buttons, jack-plug sockets and speakers reduces the risk of water ingress and electronics damage. * The rods sit in high parallel ‘ears’ that prevent lateral rod movement and reduce the risk of a rod being pulled off the alarm on vicious takes. * The ATTs introduces a bite detection system that has ‘anti-rock’ firmware that stops the alarms from giving repetitive false beeps like other roller wheel alarms do. (Patented) * Sensitivity can easily be adjusted by fitting alternative roller wheels. These are available in a wide range of colours and in 2, 4 or 6 magnet roller wheels : * The 2 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 1cm of line movement. * The 4 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 0.5cm of line movement. * The 6 magnet wheel is ultra-sensitive and beeps once per 0.33cm of line movement(include link to roller wheels page) * The ATTs alarm comes with a high standard of digital circuitry for total reliability and performance. * The integtral Low Battery Warning System signals the ATTx receiver which will beep to warn the user of a low battery state on any ATTs head (a series of beeps that register against that heads channel). * A Betalight Slot on each ear for the dedicated 6mm x 2mm ATTs Tritium Max Betalights are sold separately. * Brass 3/8 BSGF bankstick thread and locking nut will not corrode. * Ultra-compact and lightweight. * Supplied already fitted with a Free Test Battery as Standard. * Height = 61mm, Width = 33mm, Depth = 21mm. * There are lots of upgrades available for the standard ATTs Alarms. Please click here to view them. * Full 1 Year Gardner/ATT Warranty.
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