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Gardner MEDIC PLUS (30ml) * Gardner ‘Medic Plus’ is a scientifically developed one-step... mehr
Produktinformationen "GARDNER MEDIC PLUS"
Gardner MEDIC PLUS (30ml) * Gardner ‘Medic Plus’ is a scientifically developed one-step antiseptic gel specifically for the treatment of sores, ulcers, hook holds, tears or any other external injuries. * This medicated gel is designed to protect treated areas from bacterial infection and aid healing. * Medic Plus is ideal for treatment of all fresh water fish and is perfectly safe for application to all parts of the fish. * After capture, immediately treat the fish by applying Medic Plus generously to any affected areas. * For best results we recommend simply using your finger tips to gently massage the gel into the area or hook hold to be treated. * Medic Plus creates a medicated barrier that helps the fish fight off infection and aids the repair of damage. * As soon as Medic Plus has been applied you can release the fish back into the water. * Manufactured in accordance with the Vetinary Medical Directorate – Art.80(5) of directive 2001/82/EC¶Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.¶
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