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Gardner By popular demand - now bigger than ever! As anglers we must all look after our catch,... mehr
Produktinformationen "GARDNER XL SAFETY SLING MAT"
Gardner By popular demand - now bigger than ever! As anglers we must all look after our catch, and recognise that the fish in our venues are a valuable asset that must be treated with the utmost respect whilst on the bank. With this in mind, Gardner have impleme * New improved, larger and fish friendly design unhooking mat/weigh sling with carry straps. * High quality 40mm foam filling offers more protection on all types of surface if the fish flaps whilst being unhooked/photographed * Smooth/soft fully waterproof 210D PVC finish on the unhooking surface removes much less of the vital protective layer of mucus from the fish. * Larger padded unhooking area - now 48" x 37" – because carp are always getting bigger! * Can be used as a stalking bag * Handy side zipped pocket for storing carp care products and carp sacks * Heavy duty webbing handles – strong and durable * Unhooking Area: Length=120cm, Width=108cm * Colour: Dark Olive Green * A standard size Safety Sling Mat is also available
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